Inovativ and Sparked are continuing as InSpark

I am excited to announce that my employer inovativ and Sparked will continu together as InSpark.

Below the content of the InSpark Press Release.

“Taking transformation seriously means daring to change.”

Inovativ and Sparked have joined forces and are continuing as InSpark. InSpark provides a higher level of innovation to customers and enables organizations to transform in order to increase their impact and accelerate their business.

Innovate to accelerate
InSpark innovates and transforms organizations. Every aspect of a workspace and process, from management to strategy, is optimized to ensure that employees and customers get the most from technology. Demand for a full‑service digital transformation is rapidly increasing because more organizations are recognizing that real innovation accelerates the achievement of business objectives.

In the words of Laurens Frijters, Managing Director at InSpark, “that is exactly what InSpark intends to do: shape the interface between business and IT organizations so that our customers can keep pace with the market at all times and anticipate market developments.”

A good move
Ernst-Jan Stigter, CEO of Microsoft Nederland, believes that the merger is “a positive step for two of our key Microsoft Gold Partners. Together, they are in a position to take fuller advantage of growth opportunities in the market. InSpark is the new kind of full‑service firm that can assist customers more effectively in achieving their digital transformations.”

Full service, full force
InSpark aims to rapidly become the undisputed number one Microsoft Business and IT Partner. As InSpark Managing Partner Alex Hendrikse explained, “Sparked has implemented a tremendous number of modern workspaces, smart data solutions, and business apps. inovativ is second to none in setting up hybrid data centers and implementing mobility and security solutions. As InSpark, we are more than capable of providing full service and full force to customers.”

Stronger together
InSpark has the largest number of MVPs of all Microsoft partners in Europe. To date, its 85 consultants have brought over 500,000 users to the cloud. InSpark’s customers include SkyTeam, Hollands Kroon, Ampelmann, and Young Capital.

InSpark’s board consists of Laurens Frijters, Alex Hendrikse, Dave Kiwi, and Maarten Goet. Read more at

In recent years both inovativ and Sparked earned accolades like Microsoft Gold Partner, Innovator of the Year 2016, EM+S Enterprise Elite Partner, and several FD Gazelle awards.

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